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What makes a rug cleaning effective? What must a rug cleaning company have to be successful? The answer to these questions is long and complicated. The problem is that people in Westchester are unable to get the best possible rug cleaning service in most cases. Finding a good rug cleaning service can be hit and miss because you don't know much about the process of cleaning a rug properly. Of course, you can just call us at 914-888-1324 and learn how we can help you!

We don't have anything to hide. Best Rug Cleaner Westchester has a very complex cleaning process that involves hand-washing and two inspections. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Inspection and Pickup

First, you just need to call us. When our expert arrives at your home or office, he will inspect the rugs and carpets in your presence. You will be shown all signs of damage and will be asked if you want us to repair it. After that, our contractor will bring the items to the cleaning facility.

Step 2: Vacuuming Your Rug

During the vacuuming step, our experts remove most of the dirt, allergens, dust, and debris from the surface of the rug. We use powerful but gentle vacuum cleaners, so your rug is completely safe.

Step 3: Preparing the Rug for Washing

Our experts will then test your rug's colors and fabric. These tests are standard and enable us to choose the perfect combination of washing technique and cleaning products. We want to achieve the best results every time, so these tests are very important.

Step 4: Cleaning Your Rug

Our professional rug cleaners begin the complex cleaning process. We want to remind you that they wash each rug by hand using specific techniques. Due to their skills and experience, our technicians obtain excellent results from the first try.

Step 5: Drying Your Rug

Now we dry the rug using state of the art technology. No, we don't use a tumble dryer! Your rug will be 100% safe during the drying step, we can assure you of that.

Step 6: Repairs and Final Inspection

The rug is then restored or repaired, according to your order and instructions. The last step is to make sure the cleaning process was a complete success. If we find any issues, we immediately send the rug back to the cleaning station and the cleaning cycle is repeated. We want perfect rugs!

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Our strict quality control and inspection processes enable us to offer all our clients a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The rug does not leave the cleaning facility until it is spotless. This is why you should choose our rug cleaning services in Westchester. Call us now: 914-888-1324 !