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Rug repair and rug restoration services usually come with a very high price tag. You are probably reluctant to repair your rug just because of the high price. However, you need to realize that not all companies are the same. There is still hope in Westchester! We are just one phone call away: 914-888-1324 !

Best Rug Cleaner Westchester is a locally owned and operated rug cleaning, repair and restoration company. We have been providing our clients with excellent rug repair and rug restoration services for years. And the good news is that your prices are very affordable.

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It takes a lot of skill and attention to details to repair a rug the right way. And when it comes to restoring a rug, things tend to get a lot more complicated. The truth is that only experienced professionals should attempt to offer these two services. Best Rug Cleaner Westchester has just the specialists you need! We have been offering top quality rug repair and rug restoration services to our Westchester clients for years. Every time, the results have been nothing less than impressive.

Our Rug Repair and Restoration Services

It's no secret that other companies in Westchester want to be like us. After all, our rug repair and rug restoration services are best in class. Hundreds of people and companies trust our services every month and we never disappoint. It goes without saying that the quality of our work is impressive. Your rug or carpet will not leave our facility until it is in perfect condition. Our word is our bond and we promise you exceptional results.

When it comes to rug repair, we can assist you with any of the following reliable services:



Rippling and buckling

Fringe attachment

Adding loops

Patching tears, small holes and rips

Edge fraying


Fuzzing and shredding

And many more

When it comes to rug restoration services, our specialists can help you with any of the following:

Fade correction

Fringe detailing

Fringe replacement

Coloring services

Water or fire damage

Hem stitching

Large holes and tears

Moth damage

And many more


You Get a Satisfaction Guarantee

It's not enough to promise excellent services. When it comes to rug repair and rug restoration, one needs to assure that client that the results of the procedure will meet or exceed his or her expectations. Few companies are confident enough to do this. Best Rug Cleaner Westchester is one of them. Our experienced rug repair specialists will always meet your expectations. Our satisfaction guarantee assures you of the quality of our services and of the success of our repair and restoration procedures. You can trust us to do a wonderful job – every time

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